When will IndieFilm TV Launch on Roku?

We are expecting a Summer 2018 launch. We are currently reviewing and adding content to the channel. Once our roster is ready, we will go live.

Does it cost me any money to add my content to IndieFilm TV?

No. There are no fees.

What type of content can I submit to IndieFilm TV and what is your criteria?

We are actively seeking content for the channel’s Fall 2017 debut. We are looking for a variety of movies and shorts. New and veteran film-makers are welcome.

When do you make a decision on accepting submissions?

It depends on the volume of titles that come in at any given time, however we expect about 2 weeks.

What is your criteria and what do you accept ?

Our criteria is simple. We look at quality over budgets, passion over experience. No exploitation or explicit sexual content allowed.

We are open to review all submissions, but we can’t accept everything that comes our way. Each video submitted is reviewed by our team and a decision is usually made in 1-2 weeks.

Are you exclusive?

No, we are not exclusive. You are free to distribute your content where and how you want to. We are just one of many vehicles for you to get your work out there and make money with it.

In fact, let us know know if your films are currently distributed through traditional channels like Amazon or other popular Roku channels . This will help speed up your submission review.

What format do my videos have to be in?

The video format is MP4. Video codec: H.264/AVC.

What is Poster Art and what format does my Poster Art have to be?

Poster Art is a graphic that represents your video. It can be an actual poster or a screenshot. This is what viewers see when they want decide on what they want to watch. The graphic must be in JPG format. Size 800w x 450h pixels. 72dpi.

How do I get my video and poster art to you?

If your submission is accepted, we will send you temporary FTP login details so you can upload your assets to our server. You will need software comparable to Filezilla.

How do I make money with my content on IndieFilm TV?

IndieFilm TV generates revenue by running Ads through its a partnership with Roku and unique Nielsen ID delivering quality, national big-brand ads. Ad revenue is then shared between IndieFilm TV and Content Owners.

When do you pay out Advertising Revenue?

Roku Pays us approximately 60 days after the quarter has ended. We then pay the individual Content Provider about 10 business days afterwards. Payments are done via Check payments or via PayPal. We are working on setting up bank transfers.

How much do I get paid for my video views?

Ads play on average about 80% of the time; this is an industry term called Ad Fill Rate. We take that total amount and then divide it up accordingly to Content Owners based on the number of times his/her video is watched (partially watched is included). We do this so that ad fill rates don’t impact one video views over another.

Here’s a potential Scenario with Payout Structure

Total Number Plays of All Videos Collectively 1,727,406
Total Number of Ads that played in Quarter (80% avg) 1,381,925
Ad Rate per 1,000 ads $4.00
Total Ad Revenue generated $5,527.70
  Number of Videos Played each CONTENT PROVIDER Percentage of Videos played by each CONTENT PROVIDER Ad Revenue Share for each CONTENT PROVIDER
  Column A divided by Total Videos Played (1,727,406) Column B x Total Ad Rev ($5,527.70)
CONTENT PROVIDER A 492,702 28.52% $1,576.65
CONTENT PROVIDER B 252,954 14.64% $809.45
CONTENT PROVIDER C 188,967 10.94% $604.69
CONTENT PROVIDER D 179,230 10.38% $573.54
CONTENT PROVIDER E 154,642 8.95% $494.85
CONTENT PROVIDER F 142,907 8.27% $457.30
CONTENT PROVIDER G 140,001 8.10% $448.00
CONTENT PROVIDER H 85,490 4.95% $273.57
CONTENT PROVIDER I 52,308 3.03% $167.39
CONTENT PROVIDER J 12,876 0.75% $41.20
CONTENT PROVIDER K 11,409 0.66% $36.51
CONTENT PROVIDER L 8,599 0.50% $27.52
CONTENT PROVIDER M 3,489 0.20% $11.16
CONTENT PROVIDER N 1,009 0.06% $3.23
CONTENT PROVIDER O 823 0.05% $2.63
TOTALS 1,727,406 100.00% $5,527.70